Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Florida and Disney - Image Heavy

My parents have a timeshare in the Orlando area and this year I opted to join them in Florida with the girls. Kaylee is coming into the perfect age for Disney and for her fifth birthday we splurged on a VERY nice Princess Dinner at Cinderella's Castle on the Magic Kingdom property. It was a big splurge and I didn't do much for her birthday gifts as that was the big thing. It was worth it, IMO.

Monday, July 24, 2017

15 months: Phrases Hazel Knows

Thank you (take ooo)
Here you go
tickle tickle (teek-oh!)
Let it go (sung, to the song from Frozen)
No (shaking her head)
Kaylee (kay-ee)
up/down (updown)
outside (ousside)
all done (all dow)
cheese (cheee)
cracker/cookie/food (cookie?)
nursing (sign for milk)
kitty (kiki, dit-ee)
Horse/giraffe/donkey (growling, grrrrraaaah)
Good girl
Good boy

Her comprehension is far greater. We can ask her questions and get answers, or ask her to do a task and she will correctly do it (go get your shoes! let's go get water! lay down for a diaper change, please!)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kaylee is 5!

A happiest birthday to my adventurous princess doctor astronaut paleontologist. May her curiousity and drive to discover never wane.

She is an absolute shining star in my life and I love her to bits, even during the challenging moments. It's hard to imagine life without her now.

When she gets upset with us, she's ready to go live on her own, or so she tells me quite forcefully.

She loves her dresses and will do anything in them. She has 'dancing shoes' as well, though right now I think they're sitting in the sandbox serving as sand buckets...

She's always been fascinated by nature but our house now has only fostered that more. She's not scared by most things. She wants to touch them and she respects the animals we live with, like our resident snakes, frogs and birds. 

She's a free spirit to be sure, and will watch Transformers while dressed as a Princess. She has little use for stereotypes.

We let her stay up to watch fireworks on Saturday. Our neighbor puts on a show every year and our deck is prime viewing. 

She's a good big sister.

Until she isn't.  😅😄😄😄 In this case, she had been pulling Hazel in the dump truck... then dumped her sister out. 

We'll have her party on Saturday, but today we celebrated with just the four of us. Balloons and a mini cake and card for her. 

So tiny. Much squish.

Happy Day of Your Birth, precious one. Take over the world.