Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My brain needs this right now

Because I was working on the stairs and went, phew, glad it's monday. Then went, OH SHIT IT'S NOT.  FUCK.  Movers are here in 2 days.


  1. Laundry as much as possible
  2.  Pack clothes for plane
  3. Pack carry ons
  4. Label paint cans as permanently as possible
  5. Nail in trim for repair in the bathrooms   
  6. Pick up rental car on Thursday 9am
  7. My car leaves Friday
  8. Give away as much food as possible
  9. Wash recliner chair with urine metabolizer because Kaylee is a potty training toddler
  10. Clean car out before Friday
  11. Bring saddle home :(
  12. Get last trunk out of the hayloft and super consolidate rest of barn stuff.
  13. Call realtor to coordinate letting painters in Wed/Thurs
  14. Fix downstairs bathroom sink cabinet with spacers and epoxy
  15. Bring slide to Cheryl

Packing List for plane

  • Tiny tv computer and HDMI cable
  • Yarn and crochet hooks in carry on
  • books
  • Kaylee occupying items - roller backpack for her plus new items
  • Kindle fire
  • Leap Frog and all games and cord
  • Checkbook
  • Personal Documents - passport, SS cards, birth certificates etc
  • Car charger
  • Wall charger
  • Both cameras
  • Gwyn's registration documents

  1. Finish painting laundry room behind washer/dryer and above cabinets
  2. Finish carpet removal Sat/Sun
  3. Buy paint for upstairs bathrooms and trim
  4. Monday take carpet to the dump! Plus any left over trash
  5. Sunday evening dinner with Trudy and family in Duvall
  6. Anna and Elsa meet and greet Tuesday at 4
  7. Let painters in Monday/Tuesday
  8. Remulch garden
  9. Say goodbye to Gwyn
  10. Cry my eyes out

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rainbow Place

A friend of mine pasted a facebook status about saying goodbye to a home for the first time in his life, one that he started raising a family in. I started crying, just reading it and imagining driving away from our house for the last time.

I love our house. It's far from perfect but it was the first place we could make our own and really match it to our personalities. And for crying out loud, the street name is Rainbow Place. Isn't that just the epitome of awesome?! In the land of numbered street names, it's pretty rad, let me tell you.

We were able to start to really see our vision for being a sustainable, renewable family come to fruition. The flooring we installed was eco friendly bamboo and cork and remnant tile. We were looking into getting a rain barrel. We used a push mower, then an electric, no gas. We built raised garden beds to grow fruit and vegetables to eat.


Now, nothing prevents us from doing this again. But I feel invested in this house. I feel like we're leaving it too early. And the one thing I finally admitted to myself as I cried into my pillow was this:

I don't want to go.

Everything logical about the move makes it the right thing but my heart is just aching. Maybe it would be easier if Eric wasn't gone already, 2000 miles away loving his new job. Maybe if I wasn't faced with the prospect of being without my horse for 2-3 months. Maybe it's the stress of being a single parent for longer than a day or two. I don't know.

I was hoping for a pick me up tonight. The barn was holding a farewell party for me. Dani couldn't make it, her work ran late and then she had other things that I knew she was going to have to get to. There's a big horse show that a group went to. One person is in Michigan for a wedding. Everyone had other things to do.

It hurts. And I hope it didn't show. I made shredded beef with some of the grass feed 1/4 cow I bought last year with a friend. It was amazing. I brought dinner rolls. One person brought banana cream pie. Two others brought cookies. 8 people showed. 4 of them were kids, one of the four was my own.

I kind of suspected, because it was potluck and the sign up board for what people were bringing was pretty damn sparse. But I made a damn good shredded beef in the crockpot. My house smelled fucking AMAZING all day. And everyone who had it loved it. And it was just enough to feed the people who were there, so in the end that was good. 

I'm going to the tack sale tomorrow to try and find some things to outfit my eventual barn with. I've got some significant cash but I doubt I'll spend it all. I might try and snag a buddy saddle if the price is reasonable. Maybe a pony saddle :D I also consigned some of my stuff. I hope it sells.

I'm thinking saddle racks and bridle racks, a whip holder, mounting block. Who knows. Pitchfork would be awesome. We'll see. But NOT BRIDLES FOR GWYN. Or halters. I have plenty. Self, DO NOT BUY THOSE THINGS. A lunge whip, though, that would be okay. Somehow I lose them to barn gremlins. Maybe tiny riding pants for Kaylee :D Ooo!

Then sunday Kaylee goes to daycare. And I go for a one last hurrah trail ride with Cortney and Blaine. This will hopefully be the redemption for tonight's downer. I really hope.

And maybe locking the door and leaving the keys will be okay. Because I need to embrace the new adventure that awaits and realizing a childhood dream of waking up and seeing my horse out my window. That would ease my heartache.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

House Progress and Reading

New color on the right, old white on the left. I love how fresh it looks, perfect for a laundry room, in my opinion. I'm going to have to write it down so I can  use it again!

I spent the morning doing a second coat of paint where I had painted on monday. It was a little frustrating to redo it, but the paint just doesn't cover well, I found. I used a different tool to get coverage and it went MUCH faster. I taped off more of the rest of the room and cleaned out the rest of the cat supplies to really start airing it out and cleaning to get rid of any lingering cat smell.

Guys, I even cleaned the top of the cabinets. (But I need the paint tape to stick, haha)

Then Eric called and we talked about his third day of work and crazy early morning (he was awoken by a drunk guy knocking repeatedly on the door at 3:30 am) I found plane tickets for me and Kaylee. It's further into March than I would have preferred, but the price was hard to argue with. Now I might get to see some of the progress from the painters! Maybe even the carpet!

I officially hired the painters, and I need to officially hire the handy man as well as order carpet from Home Depot. 

I also bought a ticket for May to return to Seattle for a quick weekend to help with a horse show that I promised I'd do. 

Kaylee was upset going to bed last night so I hung out in my room just in case she decided to leave her room with one of my new library books. I've been curious about this ever since it came out but didn't know anything that would convince me to buy it. Thank you Public Library!

I read this book in one sitting guys. In an hour. Kaylee was in bed before 8pm, I was done by 9 pm. I Could. Not. Put it. Down.   And then when I finished I just kind of sat there processing the story. It's so hard to describe, but it's achingly beautiful, well written and enchanting. I wanted it to be thunderstorming so I could go outside naked and dance in the rain with the lightning and thunder crashing around me. I want to hike out into the middle of nowhere and just be. That's how this book made me feel. It's everything I want to write myself as a fantasy author (it is fantasy, I didn't know that for some reason)  Oh it's just lovely. Neil Gaiman nails it again.

This is officially my favorite book. I will be buying it. No joke. I need to have a copy on my bookshelf. 

And then, I present you with, my kid. 

She's hamming it up for the camera, she could see herself.

Her version of closing her eyes.

Cuddling together in my bed before bedtime. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

House Progress!

The sunset from tonight. Just gorgeous!

Today I made progress on my home projects!! Kaylee went to daycare and I painted. I got tired of cutting in, though I did do some of that today and went for the large area painting. I used a different roller than I have previously and was unhappy with the results. I will need to do a second coat. I made a trip to Home Depot tonight to acquire appropriate materials.  The second coat should be quick and not a big deal, it's just annoying to realize.

I also cleaned out the cat area so the laundry room can start airing out. Watching property brothers has made me paranoid that buyers are going to walk in and go "ewww, animal smell"  I don't want that!!!  I still need to vacuum up more of the plaster dust and then mop to get it all gone, but soon I'll be able to add a corner to my painting area. That's exciting. AND, since the cats are now in Michigan with Eric, new litter won't be tracked over the room after every time I sweep!!

I also pulled up more carpet while I waited for Kaylee to come home. Tomorrow I'll move the boxes that are in the living room over onto the exposed subfloor so I can tear out more carpet. It's really satisfying to get that awful thing out of the house. My goal is to just make a big pile of it and have someone come and bring it to the dump for me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The cats have a clean bill of health. They will be flying in cargo with Eric on Sunday. Both have lost weight! Ford is right at a perfect BC, Velociraptor is still a fatty but he's losing slowly, which makes the vets happy!

The plumber is out right now to fix the sink that they installed and is leaking. The pipe isn't even connected!!

My pretty boys.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Things I bought and sold this weekend


This is probably the thing I'm most excited about. Also featured is the saddle pad I made myself!

Lamp for the downstairs bedroom!
We had some funky lighting that Eric doubted would make a home inspector happy, so for 10$ at Home Depot we came home with this tonight. I even installed it myself!

An elliptical
Our queen bed frame
The matching dresser
A rotating DVD tower
2 2x4 IKEA expedit bookcases
1 4x4 IKEA expedit bookcase

Less successfully, I listed my fish tank with no bites (hahahah) and a free grill that's pending to an interested party.

Thank FSM for Buy Nothing and FB Garage sale groups. I've made almost $400 in cash.

We were also super productive in the house. Aside from getting stuff out of it that we didn't want to bring to Michigan, we managed to install the rest of the baseboard trim in the downstairs bedroom and get the light fixed. Eric also hung the rest of the closet doors, only to realize that they'll come down again anyway for the carpet installers. LOL. Oh well.

This seriously looks SO much better now. It's ready to go trim from Home Depot, no painting required. It looks pretty sharp!

In less than happy news, Eric will be in Michigan this time next week. I'm calling the movers tomorrow to get as early a date as possible so I can go with him.