The Elusive Miss Jean Louis

Miss Jean Louis, zany expert extraordinaire and babysitter to the famed Misha Collins, is not of this earth. Much like Superman, she was born in another solar system of this universe, one where physics doesn't have rules and kindness and hugs are king as currency.

Though various online presences have claimed her to have been born kicking and screaming into the world at Khor Angar, this is merely a ruse. Rather, she was born laughing, on the world known as Ggshuek (Greatest Galactic Scavenger Hunt the Universe has Ever Known) in the Elopus Cluster whilst wearing a pie hat on her head.

Her contribution to the collection of all things strange and wonderful in the world comes as her mission to guide the citizen of the Solar system into artistic mayhem, as that is the fuel that feeds her hunger, a hunger she can not fully satiate since leaving Ggshuek. Like Superman's weakness to kryptonite, Miss Jean Louis is weakened by a lack of joy and artistic mayhem in the world for life could not go on on Ggshuek without laughter and hula hoops.