Saturday, May 2, 2015

Home Inspection Today!

Eric went out to Dryden to be present for the home inspection this morning. I wanted to go, but Kaylee had her first soccer 'practice' so I attended that instead and met up with Eric later at his sister's house.

The home inspection went well enough. There are a few things that need to be done to the property, but nothing glaringly dangerous or super duper expensive.

The only thing we don't know is the status of the arsenic content in the well water. The results of that will come in on Tuesday. Even if the water straight from the well has arsenic, we have a plan for how to tackle that for the barn water so the horses will have arsenic free water to drink.

Once I get the results of the water test back I plan to purchase celebratory manure forks for myself and Kaylee. I already found kids size I can buy online and I'm going to get myself a snazzy one from Tractor Supply.

I'm super excited! We close this month on both houses! Goodbye to Rainbow Place on the 20th and hopefully hello to Rochester Rd on the 22nd! (But maybe not moving in yet)

We'll be going back to look at the property again next Sunday so my MIL and SIL can see it. The current owner, SM has offered to go over where she orders things for horses and stuff, which is awesome, and just generally familiarize me with the property. She's a trainer and is moving so she can have an indoor to work out of through the year.

This fact makes me feel REALLY good about the quality of that sand arena, something I had suspected anyway, but now feel really sure about. I've mentioned this before, but the property is set up exactly how I would do it, and go figure, it's because it was done by someone who had VERY good knowledge about how to go about it.

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