Friday, July 24, 2015

Goals Update

In addition to trying to conceive I've also been focused on losing weight. It's obviously a good idea in general and can help with fertility. About three months ago I started tracking my calories on MyFitnessPal. I set my goal at 2 lb/week loss and stated that I was sedentary. It gave me a daily goal of 1500 calories.

Since then, I've nearly lost 20 lb! I added in bike riding, horse riding (of course), Daily Burn cardio, and now that we're moved in, Couch to 5K (C25K). I'm on week 2 of C25k. I'm not specifically limiting myself on food, except for portions, so I'm able to treat myself once in a while so long as my calories allow for it.

Previously, I had set rewards for myself for every 20lb of weight loss. I'm revisiting that here since I'm at an award point!

20lb lost:  Go crazy purple with my hair

40 lb lost: BtB tattoo of a paper airplane (previously this was a new piercing but I'm not as thrilled as I once was )

60 lb lost: This was previously new geek shirts, but I might change it

80 lb lost:   Cross country safety vest

100lb lost: TALL BOOTS!!!!

120 lb lost: A SUPER expensive pair of show breeches, like pikeurs, or something, I dunno

140 lb lost: TBD.  I'm not sure I could get here. This would put me at 140 lb lost and I would be half the person I was, quite literally. Maybe plastic surgery to remove loose skin?

Obviously a lot of my goals are horse oriented, and not without reason. It's nearly impossible to be a fat girl in an english show world. In fact, there is no way I could even compete in cross country right now because they require competitors to wear safety vests not only to compete but also to school. This is different from when I was growing up when it was just suggested. I've got to slim down to be safe and be healthier for my horse.

So yeah, expect purple hair pictures in a bit. I still need to find a place to do it, but I'm definitely doing it.

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