Sunday, August 16, 2015

17 months....

It's been 17 months since we decided we wanted to expand our family by 1.  17. I've been diagnosed with PCOS. Put on metformin and generally have found that sex can be an awful chore when you're crazy about having it at the right time.


The picture is terrible, I admit, but it should give you a general idea... I am FINALLY PREGNANT!  Just about 5 weeks, so not too terribly pregnant, just a little bit. I'm in shock. I don't believe it.

CD 1-2 Spotting
CD 3-6 AF
CD 7-8 Spotting (this has been typical of AF since having my first child)
CD 13 Sex - a quickie, me on bottom, no orgasm for me
CD 14 Sex - I was amped up from last night, BIG orgasm for me, me on top
CD 16 Sex - Me on top again, I also met with a midwife to get a second opinion on my charts. She confirmed that my luteal phase might not be lasting long enough. I make an appointment to see a CNM who can prescribe progesterone.
CD 20 - 3 year old stole my thermometer, no basal temp CD 21 Temp spike. So CD 19 OR 20 was my ovulation day, I figure I'm out for the month at this point. We do not BD again thanks to cockblocking 3 year old
CD 30 - I look at FF, still expecting my period (again, figuring I was out this month, AGAIN) and realize FF thinks my period should have started. I have not yet seen the spotting I get before my period. Consult with my mom group because I don't want to get my hopes up. They encourage using a wondfo. I get a SUPER faint line on an expired Wondfo. Show my mom, who was visiting and helping me paint my bedroom. She has no idea what she's looking at. Post to mom's group. They all see the line. I find a non-expired, different brand test, take that. Also positive. Holy shit. Stick this second test in husband's model corvette when we put the room back together as the 'announcement'. Husband thinks it's a joke my mom is playing.
CD 31 - Go out and buy a fancy schmancy one that tells you how far along. Still pregnant. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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