Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day off being a Mom

Judy called yesterday and asked if Kaylee was available. We told her she had camp in the morning but was welcome to pick her up from camp for the rest of the day.

So suddenly, I dropped Kaylee off at 8:30 this morning and was left with a WHOLE DAY to myself. I was overwhelmed with time.

What did I do?

I came home and worked briefly on the jumps I'm making and finished drilling holes and sanded down the edges.

Then I went inside and took a nap. It was glorious. I'm still sick with a cold so while this seems like a lazy way to go, it honestly was one of the few things I can do to get better thanks to the pregnancy. OTC meds are not allowed in 1st and 3rd trimesters (like Nyquil) so I've been managing with tea, vitamin c cough drops, steam and sleep. I woke up right around noon, noted no one had called my phone in a panic regarding Kaylee's pick up and went to go make lunch.

After lunch, during which I watched some Netflix, I headed downstairs and troubleshot the printer, getting it back onto the wireless, at which point the two print jobs that were queued to it started printing. While that worked, slowly, I went to my craft corner and started organizing more.

My sewing machine is now set up and ready for stuff to be made! I've got a couple things in the docket that I've been wanting to make and now that I have a good workspace for that, I can move on it!

I also practiced my viola. I ended up getting a short gig to play at a backyard wedding. I'm getting $30 for 45 minutes of my time. I did end up buying $20 worth of sheet music but if I continue to do small stuff it'll be negligible now that I have the physical music. The gig is Friday evening. I'm planning to go and do my best.

The pregnancy is going well. I've really only had some crazy exhaustion, minor nausea, no throwing up, which is about par for the course and similar to my last pregnancy with Kaylee. Talking about all that is really its own entry, so I'll stop there for now.

Sewing Project list ahoy!
1. Training underwear for Kaylee! We're night training now, and while she hasn't had an accident, these underwear have a little bit of extra absorbtion in the crotch. They seem simple and are a pattern written by a friend, so I promised to try it out.
2. Peg Legs pattern. These are a legging pattern that I got for free through a FB group (legitimately free, btw, I paid for other patterns that I mention later) I want to try and modify them to make my own riding pants. I'm not sure I found the right fabric at Joann's though. I did order sample fabrics from Seattle Fabrics because they specifically carry equestrian breech and riding tight fabric.
3. The ears for my crocheted covers. I want to use a netting for better air flow and want to experiment. Again, I have the fabric already, I just needed my machine set up!

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