Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A catch up in pictures

Kaylee helped me with the painting of Hazel's nursery. She was very proud of her handiwork

But I finished it all up with a few coats to get a solid color down. Next up is constellation placement, then gray on the other walls.

On the last day of school for the year, the preschoolers had a christmas party.

And Santa even made a special trip to visit everyone. 

The night before we left Michigan for Connecticut had some fun dress up time. The astronaut costume has become a big repeat hit.

I took going away photos of Gwyn and the donkeys for peace of mind and comparison 'just in case'. It was also nice to have recent photos on my phone!

Crossing the bridge from Port Huron, MI, USA to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Customs in Canada

Goofy traveler

We made it to Connecticut on the second day of travel, staying overnight in Rochester NY. We had rain the whole way. Here Kaylee is helping Nana make pizza for dinner.

Helping Nana light candles

Christmas Eve we drove to a specialty fabric store and I found the perfect fabric for curtains for Hazel's nursery. I got a coordinating deep purple to get the length I'd need. We followed that with a trip to Nature's Art, a great store for fossils, awesome toys and beads.  We went to my parent's church for the 5pm service afterwards.

Christmas Eve and the tree is ready for the morning.

These magnet toys were a huge hit!

We made present opening last all day so my brother, who was flying in from North Carolina, could be included. Just before lunch we took a walk in positively balmy 60 F weather and Kaylee enlisted my Dad in an exciting game of duck duck goose at the playground. Kids do not see disabilities (my Dad had polio as a kid and his left leg has no muscle tone, VACCINATE YO)

Kaylee's gift to me, that she picked out at the school holiday store, winter penguin earrings

And a light up christmas lights bracelet (and coffee mug)

We made it home to Michigan, staying the night in Niagara Falls, NY, barely beating an ice storm that arrived as we arrived. Kaylee was happy to be home, though we started the morning upset because we were not able to swim at the hotel pool (we had to leave to beat the storm).

Baby Hazel has reached 24 weeks gestation, which means we have reached viability. Medical science now has an extremely good chance of keeping her alive, should she be born prematurely (though we certainly want her to cook to term!)  Prior to Christmas I was able to feel her kick on the outside and the night we stayed in Niagara Falls, Eric was finally able to catch her strong kicks. It was a special moment for us. He's just as excited about her as I am. I love my family.  Now Kaylee is the one left who hasn't felt her, but she doesn't yet have the patience to catch the infrequent kicks you can feel on the outside. We'll give it time, she'll feel eventually!

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