Saturday, December 12, 2015

The start of a nursery!

I've had this idea in my head for nursery loooong before we ever got pregnant. I wanted it to be a space theme. When my mom was in DC and visiting the National Air and Space museum, she got me a few items that we could use in the room, namely an Astronaut Crossing sign and Shuttle Crossing (along with the astronaut outfits we used in our announcement).

Today, I went to Home Depot to pick up paint samples. I nailed it. First try.  The plan was to have one wall be a deep blue and put stars on it. While there I found a deep deep purple, that looked almost blue. Then I looked at grays.

They had a 'lunar surface' gray. I put the rest of the gray chips back. It was fate, I knew it.

I picked up some whites tinged with purple, red and yellow to be my stars. You can barely see the color in these whites unless it's a large surface area.

It's since been organized a bit more than this to prep for painting the inner wall to the left in this photo.  All the furniture is what we used with Kaylee.

My phone does not show the true colors. The dark color is the deep purple-blue. The upper gray is lunar surface and on top of that is a very very pale pink. I wanted to maybe do wide stripes on the other walls but after testing determined it would be too busy for such a small room.
I got the paint home and immediately had to get it on the wall to test. The purple scared me going on. I almost thought I had made a mistake. But I got it on thick and walked away to let it dry. I also did some in the corner and got the gray right up next to it. The gray also scared me. It looked almost yellow/brown.

But I walked away. Because you can't judge a paint in its wet state.

And when I came back, after everything was dry, it was EXACTLY what I wanted it to be. I'm going back tomorrow to get bigger cans. and get to work. I am SO stoked. I nailed it. I didn't even consider alternate colors in my samples and I won't need to keep sampling.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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