Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Big Kid is 4!

This is over due, but Kaylee turned 4! She's such a big kid, especially now with Hazel for comparison, but I love (mostly) every minute!  She's independent and strong willed with a mind and opinions of her own. We can have crazy conversations and discuss quite the range of topics.

The other day she told me she wants to be a Doctor Astronaut Paleontologist.  I was totally on board with that.

Her birthday was a Dancing Princess Party. She was so excited to help decorate. We had 'pearl' necklaces to give out and while only one other kid came to the party, I made sure everyone could dress up if they wanted. My parents also came to town for it and it was a great time.

Just Born

1 Year Old, her first camping trip. We went to the Olympic Peninsula and took her to Beach 1!

2 Years Old. Studying fish flies in Michigan

3 Years Old, just moved into our house in Michigan!

4 years old, loving dress up, being outside and eating too much salt.

You can buy a kids science kit. She LOVES doing her experiments (mixing different colors of water colored with food coloring)

And she's the big sister I knew she would be. I mean that honestly. As a little kid I always thought she should have been the little sister, with how much she would hang onto the bigger kids. She needed another kid in her life. And she's taken to Hazel like Hazel has always been a part of the family. Who knows what they'll be like when they're older, but it's a perfect dynamic currently.

Even Gwyn knows that Kaylee's her kid.

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