Thursday, August 25, 2016

3 months catch up!

Wow I got behind and never posted those photos? I mean, a bunch of you are on facebook anyway, but still... I like having the blog up to date.

3 month photo shoot

I did "Lord of the Rings" for a theme and painted the Eye of Sauron free hand. I'm pretty damn proud of that.

My precious....

Her outfit is felt pieces sewn onto a white onesie. The One Ring is a wooden ring covered in gold duct tape.  Her leaf is also felt. The pants I had. The cape is a halloween black webbing table runner. 

"Oh no! The Eye!"


"I want to match Hazel!"  But she doesn't like sun so getting a photo was hard.

So my mom sent matching dresses and again we had to dress up and take pictures. This time, I planted them in the shade to avoid complaints about the sun.

I feel like I got glamour shots here. I'm no professional photographer, but I love when I can catch some nice moments.

I feel like this one could be an advertisement for the dress.

My kid is gorgeous. Disagree and I'll fight you. 

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