Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Job Stuff

I got an email today saying that the Texas astrobiology curator position was cancelled. Balls.

But!  Last week I found and applied for a microbiology job. I submitted the application in the morning and had an invitation to interview just after lunch.  The interview was yesterday and went pretty good, I think. Now I just need to wait for a response.  They had me perform some basic lab skills to show that I had aseptic technique and I rocked that.

I then shopped on Amazon for different bottles because Hazel once again refused to eat the whole time I was gone. Mom's boobs are her favorite, I guess. Silly stubborn baby.

Omnomonom boobs with bonus hickey from baby mis-latching

Why use a pacifier when fingers are so CONVENIENT?!

Me after rockin' the interview

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