Friday, January 16, 2015


Today I had an amazing opportunity to go visit a private parrot rescue and free flight sanctuary on Whidbey Island. The visit was incredible and I doubt I'll ever forget it. I'm so thankful that I was able to visit before we left the PNW.
This was my buddy the majority of the time!

It's such a crazy juxtaposition to be driving through classic PNW forest with dark green fir and ferns and moss hanging everywhere and suddenly come to this opening and see these giant, beautiful, brightly colored birds swooping through the sky.

Bird in a tree

Zak and Susan

Poor bird, he lost his toes (I think to frostbite? Zak correct me if I'm wrong)

This one bit me. I think he was just getting grumpy. I'll be okay, I'm already on antibiotics for the cold...

These giant blue macaws were far friendlier than their size leads you to believe! 

Aside from the free flight of some of the larger birds, Susan also has a greenhouse that's been converted into a giant free flight aviary with some larger cages for birds who need a time out (Toddler much?)  When you walk in, especially if you have sunflower seeds or peanuts, they swoop down, dive bomb you, and land on you. They have the choice to socialize with humans or not, and I think it made a difference in how I saw their behavior versus birds I've seen in more restricted captive situations. 

Baby!! Daintily taking a seed.

My buddy. Such a sweet bird who loved to cuddle!

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