Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sick stuff and relocation stuff

A bit TMI, hidden so you can skip it.
So this cough I've had since last thursday is just running me ragged. I'm not able to sleep well because I just need to cough and cough and cough and barely anything is coming up. It's not productive and it hurts.

Of course, on tuesday I woke up with the 101 F fever. I dropped Kaylee off at school and promptly took myself to urgent care. They ended up ordering a flu swab and a chest x-ray, neither of which indicated that anything was wrong. I was prescribed a z-pack and cough syrup with codeine, the same as what Eric had been given two weeks ago.

I promptly went home and slept fitfully, but did feel a bit better that evening. Until I shit my pants from coughing.

Apparently Azithromycin can cause diarrhea in 2-5% of people who take it. I'm just lucky, I guess. I went to game night because sitting around a table role playing takes minimal effort and Eric was driving. I barely ate but tried to fit as much liquid in myself as possible.

Drinking actually can keep me from coughing, so I've been sucking down water and tea. This of course means that I need to go pee more frequently than I'm used to. I've also peed my pants, multiple times.

It's getting old.

Today I felt a little better and Eric was even nice enough to take the day off of work to help me manage Kaylee. I even got a nap. It was great until I had a small dinner and promptly threw up several times because I'm coughing SO BADLY my diaphragm is now including my stomach as well as my lungs in its efforts.


I just want to be healthy. I want our whole family to be healthy but of course now it sounds like Kaylee is coming down with something similar and she can't take the same medications that Eric and I can to ease the symptoms. We ran out of children's motrin. I feel bad for her :/

I haven't been out to ride because of the plague and that's not helping my mood. I also have so much stuff to get done around the house that if I do send Kaylee to the sitters I need to use the time to work on the house, not go to the barn. My poor pony.

We got an update on the move to Michigan too from the relocation specialists. The movers aren't going to be able to pack up our house until closer to March now. So as it stands, Eric will be leaving in 2 weeks to go to Michigan and I'll stay in Washington with Kaylee until the movers get here. Then we'll fly out. So I'll be in charge of flying a toddler and 2 cats for 5 hours on a plane. Kill me now. We looked up how much it would cost to ship the cats. It's almost as expensive as the horse. Ridiculous.

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