Monday, January 26, 2015

Lots of crazy!

A lot has been going on in the McKenna household.

  • I met with two real estate agents assigned to give us quotes for how they plan to market and sell our house. From their impression, it sounds like we'll definitely be making our minimum sale price if not more, which bodes well for purchasing again in Michigan!
  • I got sick again, which sucks, but I'm soldiering through. Eric was kind enough to share his germs with me.
  • I'm finally getting my new saddle! I'll be getting it in February, a week before we're likely to be moving. So not a lot of time to use it here in Washington, but at least I'll have it from a saddle fitter I trust and not have to start the process over again in Michigan. 
  • Today was beautiful and we got a ton of stuff done to the house. I cleaned up the garage and loaded my car up with trash to take to the dump/transfer station. Then Eric was able to cut trim pieces for the baseboards to finish up the family room. It looks so amazing! We even got the transition piece from the hardwood to the tile cut to size! 
  • My to-do list is getting smaller, which is making me breathe a bit easier. 
  • Kaylee got to play outside in the sun today. Temperatures topped out at low 60s F. That's unheard of for January!! I was in short sleeves all day and it was so pleasant, I even got some gardening done!
  • I picked up some cross stitch I hadn't touched since college. Now I'm looking for geeky cross stitch designs. 
  • I want to teach myself how to crochet. I found a pattern to make Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon. It is adorable, but I need to crochet it. Maybe that will be my 'things I do in Michigan until Gwyn arrives'
  • I'm slowly accruing more contacts in the Michigan horse world. There's an endurance ride in April only about an hour away from where we'll be living, and I'm hoping to volunteer at the ride so I can meet more people. Eric has already okay'd me camping and him staying with Kaylee. That would ROCK.

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