Sunday, April 12, 2015

We visited 4 more houses today. The first one was pretty good, there was some work that needed to be done but it was manageable. The barn needed replacing, which was a bit annoying. I'd at the very least need to dig it out because it's all mud from the very friendly cows (they came to greet us!) but the roof was sagging too and there was water damage. But 6 acres with room for an arena!

Second house was the best of everything. You can see the satellite image of the second house up above. It's really close to town, it's within riding distance of a VERY nice facility that hosts a summer series of dressage shows AND has a track. It's got less acreage (around 3) so I don't really have enough to sacrifice for an arena, but if I can be a good neighbor and use that other facility it won't matter! In fact, we liked it enough for me to play around with how we'd change it to be perfect.

Right now there's a horse shed which is big enough for one animal and that's it. There is a garage but it's falling apart and should just be torn down. We would be adding a stable and a garage. This can be either two separate buildings or one big pole barn, Eric and I don't care either way but I didn't play around with the picture to do one big one until I can sketch out what I'd want for layout.  We'd also add a greenhouse. Where the greenhouse is located is on a hilly rise, so that area isn't flat. But, it also wouldn't be hard to fence off the whole property and use the front lawn for summer grazing! I think it could be very easy to manage pastures here and even rotate with a little extra fencing.

The house is weird. It's in a polebarn like building with stamped concrete floors that have in floor radiant heat. I love the great room on the south end and the master bedroom has a crazy hidden master bath behind the closet. The house wouldn't be great for hosting guests and really the rooms consist of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the kitchen/living great room with a wood stove in the middle. Big spaces, but not a lot of room for our stuff. It would require a lot of strategizing, especially if babydos arrives soon.

Where I've labeled a stables is where a really old barn used to be and part of the stone foundation is still there. We'd honestly just come in and really earth move the whole to arrange it better for our purposes.
The west side of the house looking north to where the foundation for the older barn is.

The garage barn that should just be torn down.

Barn cats included!

The floor is stamped concrete and there are water pipes running underneath it to heat it.

Entry through a utility room with storage and the washer/dryer, water heater etc

Open concept kitchen

Living room area

The hallway back toward the bedrooms and bathrooms. The first door on the left was the utility entry.

View out the side of the living room to the pasture

Bedroom 1

Shared bathroom, with door to second bedroom

Secret closet entrance to closet and master bathroom

Master Bedroom closet and a Kaylee

Bedroom 2. Kaylee decided this was her bed.

Shared bathroom shower (no tub)

Closet of second bedroom (huge!)

Master bedroom

Master bathroom with jetted tub

"This is Kaylee's bathtub?"

Master bath shower and sink

And toilet

Utility room from other direction


Southfacing window wall and view across living/kitchen from living room

View the opposite direction

Looking south at more pasture

Part of it is temporarily fenced and has a bunch of firewood and wood scraps

Petting the friendly barn cats

Inside the garage

In the loft, a chain under pressure is holding hte sides of the barn together.

More support beams are cracked. We'd likely just tear the structure down.

Old foundation from an old barn you can see in satellite views

Horse shed with water and electric

Looking back at house and 'garage'. Garage roof is bad. Definite tear down.


More pasture

Horse shed.

It has a sliding door... but the gate prevents teh door from sliding.

Old barn foundation.

South patio. 

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