Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Things I did Today - Notes on property purchase

I am currently making my own fly bonnets. I need to add edging and ears, but finally I can custom size them!! It wasn't even that hard, I had a few rough patches but I puzzled them out!

I'm also thinking of making some with super fun print fabric and mesh fabric for the ears for hot days.

Our property notes. We're seriously leaning toward one property right now. In fact we're leaning toward buying TWO since the parcel just to the south is vacant and for sale. We'd double our land AND I'd have room to put in an arena and use one pasture for xcountry jumps. 
Calculation of starting costs to put in the super cool fencing I found made from recycled tires.  Yes, it's 15 and 30 CENTS per foot.
New barn plan. This is the Ray Rd property so there's only a 1 horse shed and the garage/barn needs to be torn down. This is our tentative plan if we do one building instead of two.  Thoughts? Eric's one request is that the building be south facing. 
Our notes about what needs to be in the barn and the extras we'd like in the building if costs allow.

It was a gorgeous day so we went to the park!

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