Friday, September 18, 2015

Incubation update

The pregnancy is going well. Exhaustion isn't as bad as it was, or I'm just taking it easier early in the day so I don't crash later. However morning sickness is full upon me. It's worse this time with Babydos than it was with Kaylee. With Kaylee the only time I really threw up was when I was car sick on the way to Eric's grandfather's funeral.

This time I've out vomited myself. I'm also not really into eating red meat this time around, which is similar to last time. When I think about what I'm in the mood for, the thought of a meat dish roils my stomach.

Kaylee has been absolutely sweet about the whole thing. I don't like to sugar coat or dumb down the facts about things in her life so she's aware I'm pregnant and she also knows that the baby is in my uterus. She asks every day if the baby is coming out and if she's a big sister. She confirms that she also has a uterus but will kiss my belly and say she kissed my uterus. It's utterly adorable how excited she is.

I went for a dating ultrasound on Friday because I was slightly doubtful of my last menstrual period. I wasn't sure if the 2-3 days of spotting immediately beforehand were my period starting or if I should count from when the flow started in earnest. There's a 3-4 day window so I guess my CNM (Certified nurse midwife, associated with OBs) wanted to be sure. It was comforting to see the heartbeat and hear it thump away. Up until now the only indication that I was still pregnant is the fact that I'm not bleeding, so anything could have been going on in there. I wasn't overly concerned, but it was still a worry that I can banish now. This child is very much desired and wanted!

I've been getting out of breath really easily. Just walking up the stairs has my heart pounding. And lately my right calf is in an eternal charlie horse. It goes away with two advil but it's annoying and keeps me awake.

Speaking of awake, I realize it's the middle of the night but lately Kaylee has been wanting to sleep in our bed to start so we all climb in and pass out. I went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 1am. I actually feel pretty decently rested at this point, and my leg was starting to cramp again so I did the dishes and now I'm writing this until I'm tired enough to go back to sleep. Eric already moved Kaylee back to her own bed, so it'll be nice to spread out and snuggle directly with him.

Only an inch long! Like a grape!

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