Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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I'm so behind on posting but after the day I've had... oi!

However, it's kind of a lesson learned sort of day. The lesson is this:

If leaving the trailer hooked up to the truck overnight, make sure ALL running lights are turned off and/or the trailer hook up is unplugged.

I went to go get Kaylee ready for school today and my truck was dead. D.E.D dead.  The door locks wouldn't unlock, I had to actually use a key (First world problems) but it does emphasize how dead the battery was. There was no juice left. So much for my planned walk on the Polly Ann with Gwyn.

Kaylee, of course, insisted we still go to school so I hooked the bike trailer up and biked the 1.5 miles to her school in town. Boom! Her teachers were horrified and insisted that they bring Kaylee home. Something something blah pregnancy blah something. Whatever, I'm not a fragile porcelain vase.  I walked 1.5 miles yesterday and 3.5 the day before (more on that... eventually? who knows)  I'm staying active, come hell or high water.

Pregnancy, is in that weird "no more morning sickness not yet pregnant enough to be impacted" so it's easy to forget sometimes that I am pregnant. I'm starting to feel flutters from Babydos, so that's cool, but it's not reliable yet. Yay second trimester. If I wasn't painfully reminded twice a day by a self injection that I can't ride I might forget completely. I'm still wearing my old clothes and I haven't gained weight at all, just like last time.

I made a quilted table runner for halloween. Three of them, two are gifts though only one has been mailed. I also just got a serger for my birthday so I'm looking forward to experimenting a little more confidently with knits. The need for pregnancy clothes is close at hand so I'll be able to make my own. I already have the patterns and fabric, I just wanted a machine to really get a more professional finish on my edges.

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