Wednesday, February 18, 2015

House Progress and Reading

New color on the right, old white on the left. I love how fresh it looks, perfect for a laundry room, in my opinion. I'm going to have to write it down so I can  use it again!

I spent the morning doing a second coat of paint where I had painted on monday. It was a little frustrating to redo it, but the paint just doesn't cover well, I found. I used a different tool to get coverage and it went MUCH faster. I taped off more of the rest of the room and cleaned out the rest of the cat supplies to really start airing it out and cleaning to get rid of any lingering cat smell.

Guys, I even cleaned the top of the cabinets. (But I need the paint tape to stick, haha)

Then Eric called and we talked about his third day of work and crazy early morning (he was awoken by a drunk guy knocking repeatedly on the door at 3:30 am) I found plane tickets for me and Kaylee. It's further into March than I would have preferred, but the price was hard to argue with. Now I might get to see some of the progress from the painters! Maybe even the carpet!

I officially hired the painters, and I need to officially hire the handy man as well as order carpet from Home Depot. 

I also bought a ticket for May to return to Seattle for a quick weekend to help with a horse show that I promised I'd do. 

Kaylee was upset going to bed last night so I hung out in my room just in case she decided to leave her room with one of my new library books. I've been curious about this ever since it came out but didn't know anything that would convince me to buy it. Thank you Public Library!

I read this book in one sitting guys. In an hour. Kaylee was in bed before 8pm, I was done by 9 pm. I Could. Not. Put it. Down.   And then when I finished I just kind of sat there processing the story. It's so hard to describe, but it's achingly beautiful, well written and enchanting. I wanted it to be thunderstorming so I could go outside naked and dance in the rain with the lightning and thunder crashing around me. I want to hike out into the middle of nowhere and just be. That's how this book made me feel. It's everything I want to write myself as a fantasy author (it is fantasy, I didn't know that for some reason)  Oh it's just lovely. Neil Gaiman nails it again.

This is officially my favorite book. I will be buying it. No joke. I need to have a copy on my bookshelf. 

And then, I present you with, my kid. 

She's hamming it up for the camera, she could see herself.

Her version of closing her eyes.

Cuddling together in my bed before bedtime. 

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