Monday, February 16, 2015

House Progress!

The sunset from tonight. Just gorgeous!

Today I made progress on my home projects!! Kaylee went to daycare and I painted. I got tired of cutting in, though I did do some of that today and went for the large area painting. I used a different roller than I have previously and was unhappy with the results. I will need to do a second coat. I made a trip to Home Depot tonight to acquire appropriate materials.  The second coat should be quick and not a big deal, it's just annoying to realize.

I also cleaned out the cat area so the laundry room can start airing out. Watching property brothers has made me paranoid that buyers are going to walk in and go "ewww, animal smell"  I don't want that!!!  I still need to vacuum up more of the plaster dust and then mop to get it all gone, but soon I'll be able to add a corner to my painting area. That's exciting. AND, since the cats are now in Michigan with Eric, new litter won't be tracked over the room after every time I sweep!!

I also pulled up more carpet while I waited for Kaylee to come home. Tomorrow I'll move the boxes that are in the living room over onto the exposed subfloor so I can tear out more carpet. It's really satisfying to get that awful thing out of the house. My goal is to just make a big pile of it and have someone come and bring it to the dump for me.

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