Sunday, February 8, 2015


Things I bought and sold this weekend


This is probably the thing I'm most excited about. Also featured is the saddle pad I made myself!

Lamp for the downstairs bedroom!
We had some funky lighting that Eric doubted would make a home inspector happy, so for 10$ at Home Depot we came home with this tonight. I even installed it myself!

An elliptical
Our queen bed frame
The matching dresser
A rotating DVD tower
2 2x4 IKEA expedit bookcases
1 4x4 IKEA expedit bookcase

Less successfully, I listed my fish tank with no bites (hahahah) and a free grill that's pending to an interested party.

Thank FSM for Buy Nothing and FB Garage sale groups. I've made almost $400 in cash.

We were also super productive in the house. Aside from getting stuff out of it that we didn't want to bring to Michigan, we managed to install the rest of the baseboard trim in the downstairs bedroom and get the light fixed. Eric also hung the rest of the closet doors, only to realize that they'll come down again anyway for the carpet installers. LOL. Oh well.

This seriously looks SO much better now. It's ready to go trim from Home Depot, no painting required. It looks pretty sharp!

In less than happy news, Eric will be in Michigan this time next week. I'm calling the movers tomorrow to get as early a date as possible so I can go with him.

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