Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My brain needs this right now

Because I was working on the stairs and went, phew, glad it's monday. Then went, OH SHIT IT'S NOT.  FUCK.  Movers are here in 2 days.


  1. Laundry as much as possible
  2.  Pack clothes for plane
  3. Pack carry ons
  4. Label paint cans as permanently as possible
  5. Nail in trim for repair in the bathrooms   
  6. Pick up rental car on Thursday 9am
  7. My car leaves Friday
  8. Give away as much food as possible
  9. Wash recliner chair with urine metabolizer because Kaylee is a potty training toddler
  10. Clean car out before Friday
  11. Bring saddle home :(
  12. Get last trunk out of the hayloft and super consolidate rest of barn stuff.
  13. Call realtor to coordinate letting painters in Wed/Thurs
  14. Fix downstairs bathroom sink cabinet with spacers and epoxy
  15. Bring slide to Cheryl

Packing List for plane

  • Tiny tv computer and HDMI cable
  • Yarn and crochet hooks in carry on
  • books
  • Kaylee occupying items - roller backpack for her plus new items
  • Kindle fire
  • Leap Frog and all games and cord
  • Checkbook
  • Personal Documents - passport, SS cards, birth certificates etc
  • Car charger
  • Wall charger
  • Both cameras
  • Gwyn's registration documents

  1. Finish painting laundry room behind washer/dryer and above cabinets
  2. Finish carpet removal Sat/Sun
  3. Buy paint for upstairs bathrooms and trim
  4. Monday take carpet to the dump! Plus any left over trash
  5. Sunday evening dinner with Trudy and family in Duvall
  6. Anna and Elsa meet and greet Tuesday at 4
  7. Let painters in Monday/Tuesday
  8. Remulch garden
  9. Say goodbye to Gwyn
  10. Cry my eyes out

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