Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kinetic Sand

I recently purchased some kinetic sand at a craft store. I've been in need of items for indoor activities since there really isn't much to do indoors with her. She loves this kinetic sand, but, like many other moms, I don't love the price. So like any good crafty mom I went searching for DIY subsitutes. I did find one that was made with cornstarch, but I wasn't really wanting to make it that way. But then I heard that Kinetic Sand is just dimethicone (it sounds scary, but it's the silicone product used in cosmetics to defrizz hair) and playground sand.

 My immediate thought was, well... gosh, I could make that. And then I looked on Etsy and no one is selling kinetic sand on Etsy. MY NICHE! I finally found something no one is selling!

 So I've ordered some dimethicone. I tried Fisher Scientific but they wouldn't let me just online order it, but Amazon had some for cosmetic use. I'll pick up sand once the dimethicone gets here.

I'm looking forward to experimenting to get the formulation just perfect. I'm also going to be keeping track of expenses to see where I'd break even and where I'd make money, still by being cheaper than what you buy in the store. My lab notebook arrived today so I can track it all!

 In more mom specific news, Kaylee is advancing with her potty training! She has been using diapers only at night lately. I'm so proud of her!

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