Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Of the house selling and buying

Our listing!!

I'm pretty excited. It finally is on Redfin. It was posted earlier this morning to MLS and our realtor said it would take a few hours to filter out to all the major websites.

My most favorite part that Eric showed me about Redfin is that it tells you how many views there have been of the listing and how many favorites.

41 views, and 7 favorites!!

Derenda (our realtor) is having an open house on Thursday so hopefully we'll get a few good nibbles then. I'm really pleased with how the work turned out. I wasn't able to be there for the carpet to go in or for the back to be powerwashed, so all I can do is go by the listing photos. I'd buy that house ;)

Maybe this is because I picked the colors, but I'm also loving how well the colors are showing in the photos. My stripe looks fantastic, and the green and blue in the living room and kitchen are nice and sharp. Having the painters come in to touch up all that trim was well worth it!

Eric and I are getting a date night on Thursday while Elyse (Aunt) watches Kaylee. We're finally getting back to the Melting Pot, which traditionally is where we discuss a lot of future stuff. It would be awesome to have some offers come in.

We've been getting some pressure to start physically visiting houses. We really don't want to. It was  hard to visit the Bishop Rd house in Dryden only to eventually hear that it had an offer. I don't want that to happen again until we are able to make an offer immediately. It seems that horse ready property is not common (though acreage with an established pole barn, is) and so we'll be working with limited availability.

There is a house I'm tentatively interested in. It's ready for horses in that it has a decent 8-10 stall barn and 20 acres, close to Eric's work and only a half hour from family. But the house is a wreck. It might be worth it. There are other contenders. We are also getting pressure to buy higher than we would be comfortable. Our budget exists for a reason. If we stay within it, I get to have nice toys, like a truck and trailer. I want those things, thankyouverymuch.

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