Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More catch up posting

I'm getting a lot done, not sitting at a computer, but I still feel bad that I'm not writing and tracking. I like keeping a record of things I find noteworthy to share.

Icicles on Gwyn's whiskers

The arena was an ice rink so we busted out the ice skates!

Kaylee has no fear. But I worry about how much Arwen pushes her around.

Gwyn keeps an eye on her though.
"Mom, do you SEE what the tiny human is doing?!"

Quick ride up the hill looking down over my domain


Cuddling with Velociraptor

My yarn came for Hazel's baby blanket

I started making it

A morally torn me took Kaylee to the circus on a field trip with her class

The horse performance

Kaylee rode a camel

I finished the constellation wall in Hazel's nursery! (and the gray too)

A bling pink biothane bridle I got at a tack sale.

Kaylee helps remove outlet covers

We went to the Detroit Auto Show, checking out the corvette

The Bolt, which Eric and I both want

Really snazzy Nissan? Self driving


Progress on Hazel's blanket

I got another ultrasound of Hazel


Kaylee works on homework

Baby belly and tantruming toddler

Blurry child leaping into the foam pit

How I stay warm while out doing barn chores

And how I fill water buckets when the hose is frozen. 

The easy way to hold yarn

I took Kaylee to an actual ice rink. We lasted less than 20 minutes but it was still fun!

Hanging with Kaylee at my doctors appointments

Winter Festival at Seven Ponds Nature Center. They were demonstrating ice harvesting!

Standing on the ice on the pond on a 40 F day

On the ice

Horse shoes for ice harvesting!

Sunset on Gwyn

On a warmer day Kaylee helped me revamp the garden

Again, no fear, she wanted to try and ride Saffron

Kaylee is learning how to float in the safety of my huge tub. We take near daily baths in this thing.

Selfie after over 4 miles of riding!  Shhh don't tell my doctors

Trying new hair care methods. Immediately out of the shower

Plopping to dry in a tshirt fabric towel

Mid plop



Curtains for Hazel!

Dried hair that night!

In a high bun for bed

Next day curls. All I did was use a different shampoo/conditioner and drying method. I didn't know I could get curls like this that easily.

Kaylee had a second dental appointment and got a clean bill of oral health!

She helped me deliver water to the Genessee County Humane Society so animals in Flint don't have to drink lead poisoned water.

More progress!

We are building a compost heap!

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