Thursday, March 3, 2016

I tend not to write about terribly awful stuff unless it's really bothering me and I need to sort things out in writing to clarify my feelings.

This is not that kind of post. This is self indulgent whine. I am not ashamed.

I woke up to Eric's alarm this morning, peed and tried to fall back asleep. The light from the bathroom (we don't have a door, just a doorway) kept me awake so I browsed facebook. It was briefly nice to say goodbye to him this morning, because normally I'm passed out asleep.

But then, after he left, I just lay there. And realized my left nostril and sinus was utterly blocked. And that my mouth was dry and I felt like shit and that lingering sore throat had finally ramped up after weeks and weeks of simmering on low.

UGH.  I have a cold. Possibly sinus infection because my gums ache but more likely just a cold and I can't take anything for it to alleviate symptoms.

So I'm going to wallow in my own misery. Especially since I couldn't get back to sleep. Kaylee woke up at 8 and came in to snuggle with me. She turned on her kindle to do something and finally sleep was within reach. But only briefly.

Thankfully she's an independent sort of kid and we try and keep kid friendly snacks and meals within reach for her, so she brought me a juice box and some stuff to open for her to eat while I tried to snooze.

I gave up at 9 and coffee loaded myself up in an effort to make it through to the afternoon when she'd go to school.

She's now at school. I told Gwyn last night I'd play with her today, but honestly I don't have the energy to be out in the cold.  So I'm going to work on my sewing projects. I can sit, turn on music and zone out if needed. If I watched tv I'd probably fall asleep. Or if I laid down. That may still happen.

Fabric for my projects. I'm planning to make a labor gown and summer dress. I've got enough fabric for at least 3 in this picture. The pink is reversible and will be one on its own. The b/w print will go with the solid teal, the black and teal solid will go with the upper gray.   The bottom black is a swim suit lycra and the bottom gray is a quick drying sports knit. Those were more impulse purchases...

On a positive note, I bought a wrap and ring sling from my friend Laurel and it arrived today!  I'm so excited to use it, it's beautiful and feels so soft. I think the ring sling will be on the list to bring to the hospital and I'll babywear Hazel immediately.

The bottom rainbow is the girasol wrap. Very high quality wrap and already broken in! The more pink one is the ring sling. It's nice and light! I think it'll be perfect for summer. She also threw in a pair of baby legs, two swaddles and an amber necklace that Kaylee is currently wearing.

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