Monday, December 15, 2014

Baking: Chemistry in the Kitchen!

I have a cookie exchange on Wednesday with the Moms Group that has been my in person support since Kaylee was born. Now that it's official we are moving to Michigan for a GM job, I want to spend as much time as I can with them. However, the host's house was just exposed to croup and I have a currently sick child... so I don't know if I'm going on Wednesday. But at the very least. I have the holiday barn party on Friday where these will be greatly appreciated!

I had issues though. The recipe gave me an oddly dry mixture when all was said and done. It did not look like I could roll it out and use a cookie cutter.

This is the recipe I used. It came with the cookie cutters. Between the anise seed and the clove, I definitely had a gingerbready smelling dough!

After consulting social media (facebook) I decided to add another tablespoon of butter, this time melted instead of just room temperature. I mixed it up and thought it was still too dry, so I added about a tablespoon more milk. It was an umeasured dollop, because kitchen chemistry is not exact, or so I like to tell myself. This helped, and I figured as I rolled out the dough, the flour I used to keep everything non-stick would make up for the extra moisture.

Sure enough, it rolled well, had good cohesion and the cookie cutters worked fantastically!

On the drying rack.

Now I just need to decorate them, which is my plan for tomorrow night. I bought a ton of icing at the store today because I just don't feel like making my own. They should turn out pretty cute!

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