Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Michigan Plans

Our holiday trip to visit our Michigan family is getting some planning added to it. We fly in Christmas Day and arrive around 5 pm so I expect we'll do dinner out (sorry restaurants, we're those people, but I promise we tip well!).

In the morning of the 26th I'll be checking out a boarding barn near my mother in law's house in Michigan. It is far cheaper to board there than where I am presently and they have over 300 acres plus inddor and outdoor arena with trails on site so I could really get a lot of riding done. I just hope it's a good place. I'm a tad worried because they talk about 5 day a week turnout being $50 extra a month and they're a huge facility. But they do have stalls with runs and pasture board, so I'll see what it looks like and how we might fit in there. Plus, it would only be temporary until we buy property and get it ready for horses. And if the pasture board looks acceptable, it would save us $250/month for each month that we board in Michigan. 4 months of that is a new saddle.

The preschool that Eric's sister went to is still being run and is a Montessori school. For 5 day a week half days it's $400/month and Eric considered that reasonable to put Kaylee into, which would REALLY give me a lot of time to ride during the week! Right now I only get 2 half days with her school schedule, and for 5 half days the price increase is a great deal.

We were also handed the code for a vacant foreclosure house for us to check out while we're there, and I've got a date scheduled to visit another property and a third is in the works. I'm excited! We've actually got plans for -us- this trip (it's a rarity).

Then off to Connecticut on New Years Eve where I'm hoping to see a movie or two while utilizing grandparental babysitting :D  "Into the Woods" comes out Christmas Day and I REALLY want to see it!  Plus the new Hunger Games and Hobbit movies, if they're still in theatres.

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