Thursday, December 18, 2014

To Do:

1. Apply for an Environmental Quality Analyst position with the Michigan DNR because it's also in Warren (where Eric will be working) and it's the kind of job I've been wanting to do!

2. Pack up most of my sewing supplies. I still need to finish Cheryl's blanket for Sara but that shouldn't require more than thread, scissors, my sewing machine and a seam ripper. Probably my chalk too, but for that project I might use wall chalk instead!

3. Finish the blanket for Cheryl.

4. Call real estate agents about viewing some property while we're in Michigan after Christmas. We fly there in a week.

5. Contact a friend of Eric's from high school who runs a horse barn and get some recommendations for vet, farrier and saddle fitter.

6. Paint the stair risers once Eric has cut them to size.

This move is getting more and more real!

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