Monday, March 7, 2016

Nursery Organization plus voting plus Birth Center tour

I was a beast today getting things built. It finally warmed up so while the snow melted, I built IKEA furniture.  Here's the Trofast with bins full of all of the baby toys and board books. After I got this all nicely organized Kaylee came through and decided she needed to play with it all.

The drawer system in the closet plus all of the clothes finally organized by size. I have up through 24 months in those rubbermaid bins and anything larger is downstairs, also in rubbermaid. Left hangers have dresses. Right hangers have coats. I will not need to buy clothes for Hazel. 

As I said, the snow is melting today. It was in the mid 60s. Yesterday it barely broke 40F!!! Gwyn was taking a nap.

She did not bother to get up when we drove by in the truck. She just kind of nodded and said "Hey." I think she really likes being here. It's probably a pretty awesome life.

Eric and I went to the hospital for the birth center tour tonight. There was a definite difference in hospital culture compared to the tour we did in Washington state. There, they were quick to label themselves Baby Friendly, the label of which has significant meaning (baby doesn't go to nursery unless requested, immediate skin to skin, breastfeeding promotion, you don't move rooms, lots of natural birth pain relief options encouraged).  Here, those similar things are available, but it felt like we were being sold them, almost as though the women in this area aren't as familiar and need to be convinced, especially on the skin to skin point.

Some of the things were encouraging to hear again as being routine now, some other things I internally was smirking and going "Uh huh, we'll see if I follow THAT rule"  (no eating, a bad idea if you're low risk since you need energy!)

The nurse did make a humorous offhand comment about some women coming in with birth plans and the nurses going "Oh, THAT one."

Eric murmured to me, "You're going to be that one." We chuckled together.

Since Kaylee was hanging out with her Aunt and Uncle, we took the childfree time to go grab a quick dinner after the tour. I hadn't really felt Hazel moving all day but I had been SUPER busy and active. It wasn't until I got home and took a bath that she reassured me to her presence. Kaylee had fallen asleep in the truck on the way home so I just left her in the car while I fed the critters. Eric helped too. It was a good day. Kaylee didn't even wake up when I got her out and I was able to put her right into bed. Easy peasy bedtime!

Eric is home tomorrow since I have a ton of appointments to go to. I've got an early ass ultrasound to check on Hazel's growth, then back to back midwife/MFM appointments, which are now going to include a non stress test. I'll be going to bed very shortly.


I fully intend to exercise my right as a citizen.


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