Sunday, March 6, 2016

Some happenings!

I promised Kaylee we would go to the nature center if she was good for me during errands we had to run.  I saw a cardinal pair, male and female!

The nature center had an oppossum they were rehabilitating. Here he's being lured out so he can get some exercise running around the office. Kaylee was fascinated.

Harder to see, but they also were rehabbing a crow with a broken wing!

Pretty pretty babywearing items! Girasol wrap and a ring sling as well as a few random items thrown in for good measure. I bought the wraps from a friend and she sent me an old amber teething necklace as a joke. 

Cutting out patterns!

I made a baby registry because Amazon was offering a Mom Box if you completed the registry of items. A family member asked for it and suddenly this shows up! The one we used to have for Kaylee I sold, so I had put it on there just because. But cool! Kid bouncy play time!

This morning. She crawled into our bed because she was cold and briefly snuggled.

I went to IKEA all by myself today! 34 weeks pregnant! Booyah! 

The start of a dresser in the closet for Hazel. Yay organization!

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