Sunday, March 13, 2016

TMI for Norovirus experience

So the creeping crud a.k.a. stomach flu has hit our house pretty badly.

It was a nice day last wednesday that I let Kaylee play on the playground after school was over. I wasn't doing much, just sitting and starting to feel really awful. I finally convinced her to go home and as soon as we pulled in the driveway I was emptying my stomach contents into the grass.

I sent her inside to play and quickly went out to the barn to finish taking care of the animals. Thankfully I'd already prepped a lot of dinner so it went quickly.

I was back inside, making sure Kaylee was set to be independent for a while, and promptly laid down. Then the evacuation started. I had the foresight to grab a bucket (from Home Depot) and spent the next 12 hours alternating between passing out on the bed and sitting on the toliet with the bucket between my knees. It was not a pleasant time.

Eric, thankfully, had gotten home not long after I laid down and took over Kaylee duties.

Thursday, while the vomiting had ceased and I was tentatively keeping liquids down, the diarrhea continued. He stayed home and worked from home, going out only briefly to retrieve his work laptop and gatorade for me.

I slept for a good part of Thursday, off and on. He was awesome and took care of the animals too.

Friday I was feeling much better, good enough to take a shower and get dressed in real clothes. I got Kaylee ready for school since Tuesday was a primary so they rescheduled for Friday and as we walked in, she vomited all over the sidewalk.

We promptly went home. She vomited a few more times and had a diarrhea accident in her pants, which was more distressing to her. Thankfully, she was really good at vomiting in the bucket, until she vomited all over Eric. I put her back in a diaper to control accidents and got her situated on the couch.

She didn't vomit again but did have another accident in her pants on Saturday and successfully pooped on the toilet later.

Eric and I started counting down the hours for incubation for what we suspected was norovirus.

Sunday afternoon he started to feel off. At first we thought he would get away with just intestinal issues, but the full effects of the virus have hit him now and we've had it make its way completely through.

Through this whole thing, I've slowly added solid food back into my diet, but I lost 12 pounds in two days thanks to the evacuation and liquid only diet I dealt with.  My whole upper body is sore from clenching during vomiting. And today I had prodromal labor as my body tried to deal with constipation, of all things, from the solids coming back through my digestive track.

I spent a lot of the day laying or sitting, or in some kind of inverted position, breathing through cramps/contractions. I even went so far as to time them, but at every 10 minutes, they weren't enough to call or go in.

Of the three of, Kaylee bounced back the quickest and had it the most mildly. I'm hoping Eric doesn't suffer like I did. I don't know how we'll manage a vivacious 3 year old with him knocked out from Noro while I deal with contractions.

Thankfully I've got plans to get us out of the house tomorrow (us = me and Kaylee) since I've got a chiro appointment to try and get Hazel flipped. The small part of me that hopes that chiropractic woo has some basis is also hoping it'll get my gut in better shape, but it's a tiny part and ultimately I know I just need to take it easy.

And just let me tell you. I wouldn't wish norovirus on a 3rd trimester pregnant lady even if they were the most evil person in the world. It is a crazy thing to be sitting there with baby kicking happily away while you vomit. NOT PLEASANT.

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