Monday, April 4, 2016

Health Stuff, frank TMI stuff. Read if you definitely want to never get pregnant

So I've had this cough that wouldn't quit. It's been getting worse, keeping me up at night hacking away. A couple nights ago I ended up sleeping upright on the couch because laying down just wasn't going to happen. It's been hell. I've been bringing it up at every appointment, but they listen to my lungs, say I'm clear and it's just an upper respiratory infection and it'll eventually go away.

Then, this past weekend, I started getting breathless again. My mother in law is a nurse and came over yesterday to help us finish the tiling project. She took a listen and heard rattling and tightness. I called the nurse line and between the two of them made the decision to go to the ER. I was worried that having a less than effective cough meant I was potentially at risk for pneumonia.

I drove myself in around 6 pm. After my last trip to the ER I decided to pack a bag *just in case*.  I wasn't sure what the outcome would be, but I'm glad I was prepared. I was, thankfully, over prepared!

As soon as the ER doctors heard of my previous history with the pulmonary embolisms they pulled blood to check for coagulability and effectiveness of the heparin that I'm now on. It was not working at therapeutic levels like it should be. Because the breathlessness was acute (i.e. happened recently and not slowly) I ended up getting another CT scan.

After that I was sent up to Labor and Delivery because I'm 38 weeks pregnant to wait for the scan results.

Scan came back clear. Even for pneumonia, but definitely for new clots, which was GOOD!

I had a NST (non stress test) done on Hazel and she passed with flying colors. They even picked up two minor contractions I had. The nurse asked if I thought I had contractions, my answer "one or two minor ones, like braxton hicks" and she nodded happily and said I'd had two. So yay!

My midwife was on call and she came in as well to check on me, which was really nice. I LOVE this lady. Seriously. I was a huge fan of the midwives I had in Washington and I'm so glad I found a provider here in Michigan that I get along with just as well. She never fails to put me at ease. She brought in an ultrasound and we got the BEST NEWS OF THE NIGHT!

Hazel is head down! She's sunny side up, which means back labor if she tries to get out in her current position, but hell, I'd take back labor over breech! I've been trying nearly everything under the sun to get this kid to flip around. I've been avoiding reclining positions, I've been on my hands and knees, sitting up straight, laying on an incline with my head at the bottom, anything to open up my pelvis and make room for her. I even went to a chiropractor and was on the verge of making an acupuncture appointment!

I wasn't ever admitted, and was discharged at 1 am. I got to go home and sleep in my own bed, thanks to the assistance of a benadryl. And then promptly peed myself coughing because my bladder was so full when I woke up and the pad I used from the hospital was crappy and barely caught anything.

Kaylee was happy to see me and we started the morning off with a nice hour long soak in the big tub. We're getting snow off and on this week, so it was extra cozy to be in the warm water.

I'm happy to be home, I just wish I had a magic potion I could drink that would take the damn cough away. Because I still have that. Guh.

Tuesday I had my regularly scheduled midwife appointment. Hazel is still head down! Blood pressure is awesome, no signs of Pre-E. I got a copy of the report from the CT scan to bring to my primary doc since they're not in the hospital system, but then, my next appointment with the specialist and they were ON THE BALL. I walked out of there with an inhaler and a supply of zantac.  What I suspected, and what the doctor thought was happening, was that the acid reflux from pregnancy was irritating my esophagus at night when I laid down to sleep. The irritation was making me cough, and that combined with a few colds, revived my dormant asthma.

AND, and this was cool to learn, people who have asthma quite literally have thicker mucous than those who don't. So it's harder to cough up and clear your lungs (in addition to have bronchiole restrictions). So I've been in this negative feedback loop for two fucking months, no wonder it's not getting better! And no wonder the breathing treatment I got at the ER helped me feel a bit better for a short while (until I laid down).

So the zantac is to better control the acid reflux (so long, Tums!), and the inhaler is to help manage the asthma. I'm hoping this will help me get over the current cold I have (seen on the CT scan, and exactly where Judy heard crackling when she listened two days prior) and I'm on order to not eat anything 2 hours before bed to help with the reflux.

Otherwise, I'm a go for labor any time and it looks like the MFM will want to induce around 41 weeks which I'm hoping doesn't need to happen, and I'll push for 42 because I'm like that.

Monday I had a final prenatal visit with my doula and that went really well. We're pretty much prepped for labor to start anytime.

My mom flies in on Saturday and I'm hoping I go into labor while she visits just so having someone to watch over Kaylee will be a non issue and I can focus on Hazel.

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