Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Still Pregnant

Everything looks great. My body is definitely getting ready to go but I'm not quite there yet. I'm doing everything I can that old wives tales suggests. I should go on a long walk in addition, but I figure I'm so busy every day that that should count.

Hazel is FINALLY in the most ideal position, which is awesome, so now all that's left is for labor to start.

I'm generally achy, which I think is a good sign. In fact, as I'm writing this I'm having a random contraction. Now for them to get regular! Midwife is hopeful, my mom is hopeful, Eric is hopeful.

Mom and I have been making freezer meals for after Hazel is here. So far we have several meals worth of manicotti, two breakfasts worth of blueberry pumpkin french toast and we'll have some portions of a ground turkey sweet potato chili. My house smells amazing.

And my mom is a rockstart, even if little things annoy me sometimes. She's helped me get on top of laundry, clean and everything.  Kaylee is having a blast having her here and I get some downtime when I'm just tuckered out. My sleep is all off and while I'm getting some longer stretches (yay coughing got nearly fixed!) I'm waking up too goddamn early. I won't tell you what time, because you working types will laugh at me. But I seriously need my normal schedule and I'm not getting it.

The zantac and inhaler combo seem to have REALLY worked well! Of course this morning I woke up with more sinus pressure with a returned cold so that sucked, but I'm stuffing myself full of fluids and elderberry syrup on the offchance that the woo works. But my coughing is significantly reduced.

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